Picard's bakery equipments are qualified equipments that make your business grow up by increase your productivity and your profitability.

Model T
Industrial, revolving tray oven
Models | T-6-36 | T-6-42 | T-6-48 | T-8-48 | T-8-56 | T-8-64 | T-10-60 | T-10-70 | T-10-80
The Model T Industrial Oven gives you an exceptional baking quality. This oven is perfect for the large production bakery who wants even quality baking.
The Model T Industrial Oven comes in 9 different sizes. You can choose from 36 to 80 baking pan capacity models.
Picard Ovens builds its ovens to the highest standards and the Model T is no exception. The Model T Industrial Oven is built to last and will give you years of high quality baking
Picard Ovens offers several optional feature to ensure every baker gets what they desire. You can choose from 3 different shelf materials (Metal, Stone or Perforated Metal). There is an optional Type I or II Exhaust Canopy available. Internal steam Injection system can be installed that will hook up to external steam boiler.

Basic Features

  • Direct fired
  • Gas burners
  • Digital controls
  • Aluminized steel (interior walls / roof)
  • Stainless steel exterior facade galvanized steel exterior paneling (sides, back)
  • Front access doors for driving system gas and electrical components
  • Counter balanced doors made of heavy gauge aluminum
  • Double stabilization system for models : T-6-48, T-8-64, T-10-80
  • Full steel or perforated metal shelves

Optional features

  • Exhaust canopy (motor extractor not included)
  • Self generating steam system (built-in)
  • Stainless steel steam injectors to use a separated steam boiler
  • Baking stone shelves


An authorized technician from Picard will take care of the unloading and installation at the customer's site. All electrical, gas, water, and chimney hookups, along with the oven burner's start-up, are at the customer's expense and have to be done by the qualified installation technician and according to local codes.