Picard vision is to become the biggest Canadian manufacturer of ovens.
Manufacture high quality ovens and offer the best service of its industry.

Picard Ovens was founded in 1957 and has a long history in the food business for over 50 years. Initially named Équipement de Boulangerie L.P. and then changed for Picard Équipement de Boulangerie (Picard Bakery Equipment), Picard was known and recognized as a distributor and service company of Bakery Equipment. Picard was founded by a visionary French Canadian named Lauréat Picard. It was Mr. Lauréat Picard's idea to start to manufacture bakery oven.

After having hardly manage Picard Bakery Equipment for over thirty years, Lauréat transferred his business to his two sons, Gilles and Guy. Both brothers turned the business around and changed its name to Picard Ovens and invested considerable amount in research and development to come up with new products for the bakery and food service industry. After many years of R&D and hard work, Picard Ovens launch its first Stone Conveyor Oven for the Pizza business in the 1990s. In 2015, Picard has launch its new Stone Conveyor Oven named the Hot Rocks that will revolutionize the Pizza market. The Hot Rocks helps Pizza business not only to increase their production and profits, but also to bake the best quality pizza on a conveyor oven.

Today, Picard is also recognized for manufacturing the best Revolving oven (Revolution) in the world, well suitable for baking multiple products such as Breads, Pastries and Pizza.

After many years of hard work, in 2014, the Picard brothers felt that it was time for them to transfer their business to allow Picard brand name and products to continue to evolve and grow in the food industry.

Today, Picard is owned by a private holding company owning different manufacturing companies in the food industry.