Food Services

Picard's Food Services equipments will provide you high quality products.

Compact size with large capacity
The Spitfire oven's compact size is only one of the many ways that this oven is revolutionizing the history of revolving ovens. The Spitfire oven boasts one of the smallest footprints available on the market in its category. You can cook 21 pizzas of 18'' and 308 bagels in the SF-8-24 model.
Continuous bake type oven but versatile
The Spitfire oven is a continuous baking type oven with direct fired radiant heat and not a convection type oven. Many different products may be baked at the same time enabling you to increase your sales, baking everything your customers could ever want.
Energy efficient but powerful
The Spitfire cooks at 575 °F (302 °C) for fast delicious pizzas.
Because of the ovens ergonomic design and efficient burner system, the Spitfire helps you economize on multiple levels, reducing your operating costs.
Low maintenance
Picard has become famous for providing some of the industry's most innovative and durable ovens. We continue this long tradition by making the Spitfire simple to clean, impervious to rust and trouble-free to operate. Count on your Spitfire to provide you with years of hassle-free service.

Basic Features

  • Natural or propane gas (electric available)
  • Stainless steel exterior walls (side 1), galvanized steel (side 2 & back) and aluminized steel interior walls / roof
  • Panoramic window above the loading door
  • Aluminum counter-balanced door
  • Digital control
  • Maximum Temperature 575°F
  • Loading door with 10'' high opening
  • Numbered baking stone shelves with 3'' back risers
  • 1 fluorescent light outside the oven window
  • Front access doors to driving system, gas and electrical components
  • 7 Shelves with 14 or 21 pizza capacity
  • Exhaust canopy (Type II)

Optional features

  • Exhaust canopy (Type I) with grease trap
  • Solid steel shelves
  • Full stainless steel exterior walls


A Picard Ovens approved technician will take care of the unloading and installation at the customer's site. All oven parts can pass through a regular standard door and can be moved by hand.

All electrical, gas, water, and chimney hook-ups, along with the oven burner's start-up, are at the customer's expense and have to be done by the qualified installation technician and according to local codes.