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High-quality baking stones
The LP-200 is a baking stone conveyor oven specially designed to bake your pizza to perfection. The Picard Ovens engineering team has developed an exceptional baking stone oven for direct baking and unparalleled results. The baking stones are always ready for your next pizza. Enjoy the exquisite taste and perfect texture of a pizza baked the old fashioned way on a baking stone.
Improved product quality
A forced-air ventilation system ensures continual air circulation for even and effective baking. The adjustable-temperature heated air is quickly pushed down to the product surface through small funnel-shaped cavities, eliminating the cool area in the middle of the pizza.
Reduced baking time
The most effective oven that can bake pizza under 2 minutes. LP-200 ovens are infinitely adjustable and adapt to your recipes, rather than vice versa. The ventilation area is 0-100% adjustable.
Ease of use
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Choice of left or right conveyor direction
  • Allows users to save recipes and turn on the oven at desired times
  • Low maintenance: Picard is committed to offering you a superior product that requires the least possible amount of maintenance

Basic Features

LP-200-06-40 AT LP-200-30-48
  • Direct fired, natural gas or propane for high efficiency
  • 13/16'' thick baking stone plates or 3/8'' solid steel plates on conveyor
  • "Turbo-Flex" airflow system
  • Modulating burner
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Aluminized steel baking chamber
  • 6'' insulation on walls and 8'' on top for excellent heat retention
  • Manholes at every five feet
  • Stainless steel wire mesh conveyor at entrance and exit
  • Digital touchscreen control panel to set temperature, save recipes, control air velocity percentage, baking surface and chamber temperatures within different areas and in each zone (1, 2 or 3 Zones)
  • Crumb drawers located at the beginning and end of conveyor
  • Side maintenance doors for easy access to burners, mechanical and electrical components
  • With or without forced convection, multi-zoned for maximum flexibility; includes a supply duct for electrically delivered hot air to the products in a downward flow pattern

Basic Features

LP-200-4-20-G AT LP-200-6-32-G
  • Natural or propane gas
  • Stone conveyor
  • Stainless steel exterior panels
  • Variable ventilation zones from 0 to 100 %
  • Conveyor right or left direction choice
  • Digital touch screen control panel
  • Stackable 2 units
  • Glass side door
  • Exit conveyor

Optional features

  • Glass door on side of oven
  • Stainless steel entry conveyor
  • Added extra electric element



Our compact oven is built to maximize available space.

Requirements :

  • Licensed electrician
  • Licensed gas fitter for gas connections
  • Gas technician for burner’s start-up
  • HVAC specialist for air evacuation

All electrical, gas and chimney hook-ups, along with the oven burner’s start-up, are at the customer’s expense and have to be done by the proper trades and according to local codes.