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Why should you use the Modulux ?
The Modulux is an efficent electric deck oven. Can be ordered in 1-4 decks.
Modular design
Each deck is independant giving you freedom to bake different products.
Unique temperature control
Our intelligent electronic temperature controller assures perfect baking all the time. You can control the top and bottom temperature of each deck.
High quality baking stone
Picard has gone to great lengths to unearth the highest quality baking stone, so you can have outstanding results.
Powerful steam system
The steam system used in the Modulux oven creates a concentrated abundant steam. While employed, the steam seals the oven doors closed. This creates pressure on the bread resulting in a beautiful high quality tender bread with a golden crust.

Basic Features

  • Electric oven
  • High quality baking stones
  • Self generating steam system
  • Unique temperature probe system
  • Panoramic windows
  • Digital control
  • Double loading doors with an 8” high opening
  • Stainless steel exterior walls (sides & facade), galvanized steel (back)
  • Stainless steel interior (walls / roof)
  • Interior oven light
  • Legs on wheels
  • Tray holders

Optional features

  • Exhaust canopy (Type I / Type II)
  • Enclosed cabinet


A Picard Ovens approved technician will take care of the unloading and installation at the customer’s site. All oven parts can pass through a regular standard door and can be moved by hand. All electrical, water and chimney hook-ups, are at the customer’s expense and have to be performed by a qualified installation technician and according to local codes.